Students at the Center of Learning: Closing the Opportunity Gap with Afterschool & Expanded Learning 2013 National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks National Network Meeting, February 4-7, Washington, DC


Thank you for joining us in Washington, DC. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

In February 2013, statewide afterschool networks met for the 10th year, marking a milestone of accomplishments in building the afterschool field and expanding learning opportunities for children and youth.  Now 41 networks strong, the national network brings together leaders from the education and afterschool fields to work and learn together to advance collective goals: supporting and advancing the policies and partnerships that lead to sustainable, affordable, quality opportunities for afterschool and summer learning.

Shaping student-centered learning

A new era in education is emerging where “student-centered learning” is pushing our work and thinking to ensure that there are multiple approaches to learning that respond to each student’s needs and interests.  Essential to this concept is the need to harness the full range of learning experiences that can happen all times of the day, week and year.  The statewide afterschool networks are uniquely positioned to drive this push to look at anytime, everywhere learning: where it happens, who support students, how it is assessed and rewarded and what students gain in spaces beyond the classroom.