Students at the Center of Learning: Closing the Opportunity Gap with Afterschool & Expanded Learning 2013 National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks National Network Meeting, February 4-7, Washington, DC


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  2. Participant List


  1. Achieving the Common Core State Standards: Afterschool and the Network Role
  2. Afterschool and Expanded Learning: Stakeholder Summit for Engaging in Education Reform
  3. Afterschool and STEM System Building: Creating Pathways to Success
  4. Afterschool as a Tool to Engage Juvenile Justice Stakeholders
  5. Afterschool STEM Policy: Federal and State Focus
  6. An Established Body of Evidence: Expanding Minds and Opportunities for America’s Children
  7. Building and Sustaining Digital Media and Learning Opportunities
  8. Closing the Wellness Opportunity Gap Through Afterschool
  9. Creating Alternative Learning Systems: The Building Blocks of Competency-Based Education
  10. Engaging STEM Funders: Roundtable Discussion
  11. Engaging STEM Partners: From the Inner Rings to the Outer Orbits
  12. Expanding Your Understanding of College and Career Readiness in Afterschool
  13. I Wish I Had Done This Before: Lessons Learned Regarding Diversifying Match and Funding Sources
  14. Infusing Arts and Creativity Across the Expanded Learning Approaches
  15. Managing Cash Flow and Growing Reserves
  16. Messages that Matter to Education Leaders
  17. Network Best Practices: Strategy Session with Network Leads
  18. Partnerships with State Municipal Associations: Increasing Your Reach to Local Elected Officials in Your State
  19. Post-Election Analysis and Planning: Engaging and Orienting New Policymakers
  20. Scaling and Spreading: Bringing Expanded Learning Opportunities for High School Credit to a Statewide Audience
  21. Statewide Afterschool Networks Supporting 21st Century Community Learning Centers: A Tale of Two States
  22. Students at the Center of Learning Salon Discussion
  23. Taking Your Strategic Plan to the Next Level: Implications on Financing and Fiscal Management
  24. Two-Way Streets: Replicating City-Level Afterschool System Efforts at the State Level and Applying State Lessons Locally